December 07, 2007

Some pantalons for your Pixie

First Today I want to thank all the readers that sent me some truly nice emails and comments about the pixie pattern. I really enjoy hearing some feedback about my work, sometimes it feels lonely at the sewing machine or the keyboard. I have been super fortunate to be linked by Craftzine on their blog and that was quite a shock, in a pleasant way. I feel guilty for all the Joann's coupons used to get the Mag... But here is some interesting news:

Orange flower's Karin has created a really great pair of trousers for the pixie to wear, and she posted a pattern and tutorial here. I think that all the pixies will need some type of clothe to endure the winter, don't you ?

December 04, 2007

Christmas Pixie Pattern and tutorial


The pixie pattern has arrived ! here:

Download Chickpea_Nisse1207.pdf 

The photo-tutorial is also ready for you to use.I have been working on this project way too many hours so I am sure it's filled with typos and such. So please, don't hesitate to ask questions and to give me feedback. What I would really love is to see some pictures of your creations.

We now have a Flickr group set up for your photos here.

A little note of advice: the smaller your pixie, the harder to sew. So don't hesitate to enlarge the pattern on a copy machine. You'll have to resize the limbs but that should be easy.

Please remember that this pattern is there for you to enjoy but not to sell. Thanks !

All seam allowances are included and all seams are 1/4".

Pour les francophones, Vous pouvez poser des questions si vous avez des problemes de traduction!

November 27, 2007

Tomtenisse: continued...


I have been really flip flopping lately with the idea of posting a pattern for the Pixies. I am just not sure if it's right and I keep getting completely different opinions from women I respect deeply. After finding this adorable picture on Maileg, one thing is for sure : I must make mine a friend. Which means that I will be posting a photo tutorial. In the spirit of Moonstiches tutOwlrial. Check it out. it's amazing.

Oh! and Amy tagged me. I have to get to it in the next few days. Five things about myself...let me think.

November 25, 2007

Tomtenisse: sewing a pixie Version 2.0

Day 3:

Our Nisse is born. I stuffed the limbs this morning while still in PJ's. The relative complexity of the all enterprise dictated that I use buttons for the eyes, being that I am poor at embroidery. The little guy turned out less pudgy than expected, but with shorter legs he is no longer so insect-like. Thomas suggested that he needs clothe, with the cold weather we have been having. So do I, my belly is growing at an alarming rate, my toes are a faint memory and the jackets of winters past will not zip anymore... I have the feeling his needs will be easier met than mine.

This_one A little bit about the fabrics and supplies used in this project:

Cap, mittens and boots are made of wool felt, left over from the Wee Gnomes.

The face and ears are 55%cotton 45% linen from Robert Kaufman.

The body is in quilting weight cotton ticking. The real stuff might do wonder or be too stiff.

The body is filled with natural cotton stuffing, a favorite.

PS:I think that I can still improve on the pattern for those, because they are inspired by the commercial (probably made in China) version of the Danish Pixie, I am not sure that I am allowed to put my pattern on the blog. I will consult higher authorities about the matter...

November 24, 2007

Tomtenisse: sewing a Danish Pixie from scratch, Day 2

There has been much talk about Gnomes, Elves and Pixies lately. With Christmas fast approaching, we seem to rediscover those house creatures every year. I have always wanted one of my own, they are said to protect the house and its inhabitants. Against what? Trolls maybe. I hope they prevent bickering too.

So last night I started drafting what I hoped would turn into a proper Nisse, encouraged by the work of others (check here for a cute one). My experience with stuffed creatures is limited: two sock monkeys, a Big Footed Bunny and a pair of common garden gnomes; but I went on undeterred into the night, adding 1/4" seam allowances everywhere on the freezer paper.

Today, day two, after another little shopping trip at Whimsy Cottage for some more red and white goodies, I stated a muslim sample of my Tomtenisse. It took a very long time, and looks a lot like a skinny insect, but it gives me some ideas for improvements. The next one with be a lot pudgier! See you tomorrow with version 2.0