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May 02, 2010


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Fantastic idea!

sew funky

Sounds fantastic ! I just wish I had the time/knowhow to flickr!


I want to do it too, but how bad is it that I'm not confident I'll follow through right from the start? I think it has something to do with have a little one plus summer vacations coming up.


I sent you the code button in an email. I forgot to link it back to this post, so it just links to your blog!


thank God someone else feels like this. I'm in.


sounds like a great idea, i miss my sewing machine!


Quelle bonne idée!
Je peux m'inscrire même si je pense déjà coudre à ce rythme (ou plus à certains moments)?


not sure what i'm doing wrong, the button works but the image doesn't show up? any ideas anyone?

Valerie in cS

Same here --- code works, button shows up as an X.


You are so clever. I've actually been doing more sewing of late than usual but this week is crazy busy so I will play along to make myself make time for my sewing! Have fun!

Erin LeBeau

this is a great idea! i've been so antsy to get sewing but with 2 little ones & my own lack of motivation... i agree with a PP that i dont know if i'll make it over to post on flickr but this is a great not-too-ridiculously-ambitious idea --i'll give it a shot!! thanks -i'm a lurker on ur blog but its always inspirational


I've joined, and am spreading the word. Its a great idea.


I love this idea. I will participate too, although it might take me a while to post the pics. I'd grab that button if I had a blog, think I'll tweet about it instead.


Great idea! I need more structured sewing time.

Sarah :)


i tried to post something on flickr but its not coming thru on the group pool...but i'm not real computer savvy so its probably just me... but its got me sewing anyway :)

Mousy Brown

I am a bit late coming to the party but I hope I can still join in - this sounds just what I need! :D


I've just added the Sew Twelve button to my blog!

This is really going to be a great help to keep me on schedule with my sewing.

My daughter and I have a lot of sewing to do (new dresses to be made for this year), and I'd like to add more to my Etsy shop, so Sew Twelve will definitely be a terrific motivation!

Beth J.


im adding the button and i'll join you on flickr
i realy need this rehab!


I'm in. I want my sewing mojo back!


This sounds perfect! I'm down.


I know I am late, but better late then never right? Can I please join in? I need to get back in the sewing groove.


I just stumbled across your blog and this wonderful idea!! Better late then never. Count me in!


How's it going? sounds like a great idea! I'm in!


This is a great idea! I always join quick sewalongs with great ambitions and beat myself up when I don't keep up -- this is just the kind of reachable goal I need. I'm in!

Karen P

I may be a little late, but I totally love the idea! I think I have sewers block.


Question: If I do 2 hours one day, does it count as two days?

I'm a little late, but cout me in!

I'm a little late, but count me in!

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