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January 30, 2010


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aw - sew cute. Am loving that hope valley too.


this is so great! love it, your groove is OBVIOUSLY back!


I LOVE that fabric! I made a completely hilarious apron out of it, which my children call "The Stepford Wife apron." You can see it here: http://melyndahuskey.wordpress.com/2008/05/26/not-stepford-just-active/

The scraps have come in handy for a million little pincushions, fabric balls, yo-yos . . . you name it. I wish now I'd gotten several more yards.


What a great idea! I usually just end up throwing my makeup brushes in a cloth pencil case, but this would be even better!

I do love the combo of the flowered print with the polka dots, it's very fun and lively!


What a fun design! I look forward to making one for me! :)


So glad you have your groove back! I heard we ordered some Denise Schmidt fabrics for Whimsy but I have no idea when they will be coming in. Hopefully soon. :D


love it!!!! looks great.


I love it!


wow, that is very clever! love it. and yes, hope valley is dreamy isn't it? just wish flea market fancy would go into a reprint.

Erika Sews-it-all

That is so cute! Can't wait to see it posted on the Sewing Republic! Glad that you have your sewing groove back, too.



UK lass in US

Cute! It almost makes me wish that I had make up brushes. Hmm. How pathetic is it that I am in my 30s and still have no idea about all that make-up stuff?

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