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December 15, 2009


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well that pouch is enough to covert me to a kindle lover!


Congratulations in advance! This is a very cute cover. Did you line it with cotton or something like flannel? I'm surprised you didn't knit something in wool and then felt it - maybe you want two covers???

Btw - If I can I would like to come use the stitch regulator again. I just made a fun quilt (ck my blog) that I think would have been perfect for the Bernina! I hope to soon be good enough to do free motion on something bigger than 16 x 16.

Erika Mulvenna

You did a fabulous job with the Bernina Stitch Regulator! After playing around with my BSR, I figured out that I felt much more in control with the stop/start button. Isn't it great that you can do it either way?

I hope you post more about the Kindle after using it for awhile. My husband is interested in one and reads a lot!


I have a Kindle (love it--I have 511 books on it right now), and I currently am stuck with the cheapest cover I could buy. Plain black leather. Not so fun or creative. I'll definitely have to try my hand at making one!


C'est super mignon! Bravo!
Mais je ne suis pas certaine d'avoir envie d'un kindle... De toutes façons, les livres téléchargeables ne sont qu'en anglais alors je ne pourrais pas le prêter à mon mari ni à mes amis en France, et moi ce que j'aime dans la lecture, c'est la partage...
Tu nous diras si c'est bien!


oups... Je voulais dire LE partage. Désolée pour la faute de frappe.


I really like your case! It was at the request of mom to have a flap - but should I be lucky enough to have a Kindle one day - I think i'd like one like this. :)

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This is a great gift idea! Last year I gave my mom a kindle...this year I think it's gotta be a kindle cover! Thanks for the inspiration!

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