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June 29, 2009


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These are neat! I like the "Pez candy" one the best but they're all great!!


So cute! I like the Wonderland key fob - it would match a bag I'm making so perfectly!


oooo i love all of them ... but the wonderland one is probably my favorite! fun!


Fun! I love the red flowered one.

Sarah S

I would love to win one! My favorite is the orange one on the right! Thanks!


So cute! I really like the fun, summery fabrics you've used. I really love them all, but am most drawn to the center - the red flowers. Thanks for the instructions!



Wow. I like them all. I can't decide. If I win, a surprise would be fine. :) Thanks!

sharon kelley

Loved your photograph of you and your son. You both appear very lovely.!! I might need to try your pattern out.!!! Hopefully I'll win!!


These are great! I would love the supplies to make them myself because I want to learn how to attach the claspy metal end thing, which scares me. ;)


I love the wonderland one. I just made an outfit for my 1 year old out of that fabric. These are such cute key fobs. I really need one to replace my "Nimbus 2000" key chain. ha


So cute! I love the red flowers in the middle...


I am loving the one in the middle, so cute!


I love all three! I'd take any!


Loving that momo fabric - I'd pick the middle one!


What a great idea. Those are just lovely, no preference as I'd be delighted to win any!
Chris x


I love the one on the right but golly it would be fun to make one myself and learn the process - always open to something new. Hope I am lucky.

Ellen Ban

Congratulations on having a tutorial featured at Sewing Republic! Can't wait to try making one, but would love to win the orange one!


Oh I love them all! Surprises are fun!


I love the Wonderland line so that would be my fav...however I would be willing to sew one up myself!


i love these! the wonderland is my favorite. But i could totally use the supplies to make one, too!

Thanks for the furn little giveaway!

Ruth Smith

All 3 are lovely! I'd like to try making one, but I doubt it's be as nice as yours.

Kate McGonigle

THe pods on the far left are my favorite, but I'd love to make it myself, looks like a fairly simple idea with a wonderful fabric and some metal pieces? wahoo. you.



Hi - I love them all but the red one on the right is my favorite. Can't wait to check out your pattern.


I'd love the supplies to make it myself. These look great!


I like the one on the right with all the different oranges. These are so cute! I can't wait to head over and start making my own!


I love them all, but I think the one in the middle is my favorite.


I like the one in the middle best, I think. We're a bunch of red-heads in my house, so I'm naturally drawn to the "70's couch colors." :)


those bright colours are just an uplifting sight in the middle of new englands rainy summer...

Ellen Patton

I love the one on the left.


Cute! Love the one in the middle.


The wonderland is my 1st choice and the orange is my 2nd. Really cute!

shelly Stout

Oh I would just love one of these!
I love love love the middle one. I think it would be super handy to have! Two kids + Diaper bag + purse + sippy cups = lost keys!


Those are soooo cute. I love it. Thanks for the chance to win one. I love the first one on the left.


They are all gorgeous! My favorite is the first one, though!


I love the flower one in the middle! Gorgeous!


these are great! i especially love the orange one on the right!!!


Oh I love that flowery one in the middle. Pretty!


I'd love one of these! My favorite is the one of the left - they look great!


they are cute! thank you.


Eeeeeeee! That was me squealing! I took my wristlet off my keys YESTERDAY!!! And then I see this? It's a sign! I love them all... But if I absolutely had to pick... Far right. Orange is my favorite color :o)


Oooh, so hard to choose! I love the floral...but the one on the left is sew cute as well! Thanks for the giveaway!



Greetings from New Zealand :)

Firstly, thanks so much for the baby bib pattern - I've had heaps of fun making them up in 1950s retro patterns, and it has made semi bed rest much more fun than it could've been.

If I was lucky enough to win one of these, I'd love to win the middle one - it rocks!


I like the red one best! So sweet!


So cute! Do you have any tips for sewing through heavy duty material (like the webbing)? I tried to sew a leash for our dog when we first got him, and my machine had some issues... not actually getting through, but sewing a nice stitch. I suspect it may have to do with the tension?

Anyhow, I love them all but would love to win the center floral fob or a kit to make one myself! Thanks for the adorable giveaway (and tutorial!)

UK lass in US

They are really cute. I missed out on the wonderland fabric at the store near here. All they had left was a single fat quarter of the paler one...

Ali D

They're all super cute, but I love the different orange ones. How fabulous that there is a free tutorial available for this!


Love the orange one, but I've always wanted to make one and whats another project....


very cool! I love the Wonderland one best, but they are all gorgeous! Keen to have a go myself!


there is a battle raging in my soul between wanting the awesome one on the right and wanting to make one myself to learn how to do it. Not that I will win anyway, but still.


Congrats on the pattern/tut. Hmmm give me one that's made :)


Greetings from New Zealand :)

Firstly, thanks for having that great bib pattern on your site, I've had a ball making bibs up for my wee girl to be in 1950s retro kitchen prints - and it has made semi bed rest so much more fun!

I'd love to win one of these, OR the kit to make it - my particular fave is the middle one.


Im in the suprises category - I love them all! Well done!


I love the one on the right. Orange polka dots totally rock! I would love to make one.


Thanks for the tutorial (and letting me know about that site!) I love the Wonderland Key fob, and with an 18 month old obsessed with keys, i need all the help I can get.

Erin G

I love the flowers! I keep meaning to buy the hardware to make these but never get around to it.


Count me in.


I like the one on the left. These are great!


My favorite is the floral one in the middle but that could just be because I like everything to be even and middle is neutral. I strange that way =D They are all gorgeous!


love them all and can't wait to check out your patterns- i've been wanting to make a dog leash!


Thank you for the new pattern. If I won one of course I wouldn't have to make it but if I don't I think I will give it a go. My fave? Hmm they are all pretty great but probably the left one.


I think they are all great! I love the colors you used- so bright. I think the first or second is my favorite.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the one in the middle! Pick me! Pick me!


Those are adorable. I'm having a tough time choosing between #2 and #3. Both are very "me". I suppose I'd pick #3 if pressed. ;-)


Congratulations. They are all lovely. I believe I like the one on the right with the polka dots.

Joy Mosley

They are all really cute, but I love the middle one best. Hope to make some in the future!!


The wonderland is my favourite!


Oh, I like them all, but most of all thank you for the tutorial. Fun, quick and easy and it looks great with the hardware. I think my favorite of the three is maybe the one in the middle?


Hooray! I *heart* the sewing Republic. Congratulations! I'd very much like to win the patchwork orange key wristlet. please. lovely!


They are so pretty! I love that Wonderland one in particular, I've just made a quilt using that fabric :)


Oh these are very cute. I'd love to make one!


Lovin' the red one on the left especially because I was never smart enough to buy that fabric! That's just enough to make me smile.


They are all so stylish and fun! My favorite is the one in the middle! :)


Mmmm - they are all beautiful, but my favourite is the orange one to the right. Gorgeous! :)


how cute! I think I'd like to give it a try myself, although I do love the pez one!


So nice !


Love the red 'pez':)

Sandy Shirley

I love the polka dot one on the right! Thanks for having this giveaway!


Those are all great! While I'd love to make one, my sewing time has all gone to the baby, so I'd love to have one that's already made.


I'm in! I need a key wristlet for my morning run, so if you don't pick me, I will make one! :)


What a great idea! I love the red one with ovals on the left.

Sylvia Keeler

Very cute - I would take anyone if I were to win your giveaway!


They are all so cute! Any one would be a treat.


Those are way cute. And handy too... sometimes I'm out wearing yoga pants or something pocketless, wishing I had a place for my keys. I would chose the middle one if I were the lucky gal! :)


Go Bernina people go! My favorite is the red one on the left.


Just love to see your work. Having a giveway illustrates just how many of us follow your creativity! I adore the orange polka dots. Keep the photos of your adorable Finn coming.


Those are fantastic! I would love to win the orange patchwork one on the right. And even if I don't win, I love that I'll be able to go to Bernina and find the instructions to make my own. :)

Fancy Elastic

oooh fab... i love the middle one best.


Oh, the Wonderland key wristlet would match perfectly the credit card holder I made for myself recently!! Love it!


I like the orange one but a kit would be great too. Thanks so much for sharing your talents with us!


How fun! I've been wondering how to make them, so now I can try it out!

Lyndy Young

They are lovely. For me it is the orange with the blue on the right. Great happy colours. Thaks


So clever! I would love the supplies to make one since I'm a beginner and need all the practice I can get. :D What a cute alternative to heavy leather. Cool!

Bridget Meiners

Love them! What a great gift idea too. I love them all. Surprise me if I'm the lucky one!


Oooh! Orange!

(I should make my own, but yours are too cute!)


Love the Wonderland! What a great gift idea.


What a great idea. These would be a great gift for parties. I like the one on the right. The fabric looks familiar, but I can't seem to come up with a name.

Hooker Next Door

So fun! If I had to pick I'd say... the middle one. I love all the colors!


The Keyfob is super cute!


I love them all, but I'm channeling orange right now...so if I had to choose, it would be the orange one! Thanks!


I've been wanting to try to make these for a while, supplies would be great!

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