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April 13, 2009


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Poor baby! I do not look forward to vaccinations. Is the picture your shirt? I think it looks great!


Aach. We all have periods like that, where it seems like if we even get close to a sewing machine we'll mess something up. Keep going. It will come back and you'll be producing more lovely things in no time!


Awww.... but you did have the courage to try, and that counts for something!!! Kick this one to the curb and start your next one. Can't wait to see what you come up with!


I absolutely know that feeling !!
I also know that you'll be back better than ever ... & you ARE right about the learning process thing !


Juliette, this happens to us all. It is crazy how easily we can forget all the things that went well, it takes just a few boo-boos and we begin to doubt ourselves.
Forget this, chop it up and turn it into something else.
Hope Finn is better soon.


Alright, I just found this out for myself.... the jacket I was working on has the hems included, but no seam allowances! I did catch it before I cut into the fabric, but not before cutting into my traced pattern. I'll be posting a similar entry on my blog soon!


I totally understand. I am going through a bit of a funk myself in the sewing arena. I am a teacher and sewing is how I relax, so when it's not going well, it really depresses me. I usually have to do something crafty, yet non-sewing for a few days and then the mojo comes back. You are talented, it will happen. Good luck.

Mary B

I like it a lot!


Don't give up on yourself. Start again. The shirt looks really cute, even if it doesn't fit you. Maybe you know a child it can fit?

Fancy Elastic

oh no, don't be down on yourself... at least you are doing it... next time you'll get it right.


ps, I am just choosing my Ottobre pattern for the sew-along.


Take a deep breath, sew something else, then try it again. Would it be bad of me to mention that I never add seam allowances to the ottobre patterns (but I've only sewn kids clothes)? Hasn't made much difference yet.

I have to say I felt the same last week making the jacket for Cam, gutted when I had to unpick and redo the zip in the front, and there is no way anyone's getting a closeup of the bottom edge.

Hope the little one is on the mend. Cam's been great with all his vac's, but my older kids all were sick afterwards, it makes us feel bad that we put them through it all :-(


Just wanted to chime in and say that I hope you start feeling up again!


Poor little thing. Vaccinations are no fun! Your little top is lovely. I doubt I could make one nearly as nice even without "mistakes."


I know just how you feel! The ONE clothing item I've sewn for myself turned out 3 sizes too big and I've been too scared to even take it out of the scrap bin to look at it! Cut yourself some slack because it's hard to truely focus when a little one is sick. I try to stick to cleaning out thread bunnies from under the table or some other mundane task. Honestly though, I think the shirt looks really cute.


Deep breath mama! You make AWESOME stuff, just look at that quilt you just posted! Ottobre definitely takes some brain time, but you are more than capable of doing it. You were just worried about Finn and a little distracted. Happens to the best of us! I think it looks cute, and I bet you could refashion it down to where it would fit you rather easily!

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