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January 07, 2009


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If I watch a documentary about babies I cry, those big huge soppy wet tears. I love babies too much, I want to have them all the time, hundreds of them running round my feet like a crazy woman. Luckily my husband is there saying 'whoa, let's not be so hasty, we have 2, hang on a while.' Damn sensible man.

Those mittens are lovely. Just what I need right now that my boiler is broken and I'm cold cold cold!


I'm working on a cowl for myself right now. I was able to find lots of patterns on Ravelry, but had little success in finding a pattern before that. Purl Bee has a nice one on their blog, but it's not chunky like the Etsy link. Nice job on the "mittens".


I second Ravelry but if you're not yet registered, you could try this Hello Yarn modification of a popular Ravelry pattern...
Cute mitts, by the way!


...oh, and I should mention that a pattern for a cowl, like a scarf, isn't really needed. If you find some big bulky yarn you like, just cast on until it looks wide enough (you be wearing it sideways) then knit (just plain garter, i.e. knit every row, to make it like your link photo) until you run out of a skein or two. Sew it into a tube and you're done...


They turned out very cute! You did a great job. Did you have better luck with the thumb area?


I've made this cowl (http://kellywithoutanet.wordpress.com/2008/11/03/cowld-and-frosty-morning/). I found the pattern on ravelry. There are lots of others I LOVE, but this one was available on a blog.

Your fingerless gloves look great. I just finished a pair too. :)

Lisa Annette

Nice mittens! and I like your color choice. I've been wanting to do some especially since it's been subzero for so long. I would like to do ones with partial fingers (tipless).


Hi there! Great mittens . . . I haven't attempted anything with a thumb yet. Maybe I'll give these a go.

Have you looked into Ravelry yet? You have to wait a few days from signing up before being able to access the site, but it's definitely worth the wait! I've made two cowls in the last couple of weeks from patterns on Ravelry. Both are lovely!


What size needles did you use...gauge? I thought the instructions were a little strange, missing info...is it just me? Also, I just finished making a cowl like the one on Etsy. I used the super bulky single wool from Brown Sheep and cast on 45 stitches, on sz 19 circular needles and purled until i was satisfied with the width. I tried it on a couple of times while knitting to check it out. It is warm and cozy, in a soft muted red. I will post pics on Ravelry soon.


Hey Roseanna,
It's not just you. The instructions were missing everything, like needle size, yarn weight, gauge. Very skimpy. I'm sort of disappointed in Martha these days. Nothing is detailed.
That said, I still wanna make the mitts. Thanks Chick Pea. I'm here via WHIP UP!

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