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July 21, 2008


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Its darling. I need to do covers myself. One for the big ironing board and one for my little one by the sewing machine. Sometime soon! I'll get to it.


The fabric is lovely. I made one for my board a few months ago, and now I love to iron.(not really) I used some of my favorite fabric because I would be able to see it everyday.


I should do this too. I love the fabric you chose. Great colors.


You crack me up. I, too, have a vomitous IBC. Your new one is very cute!


Love the new IBC! I am now trying to use baking paper on the IB whenever I work with applique film to try and preserve the state of the cover.


I find it alot easier to just trace my IB, add two inches all the way around and sew on a 1" double fold bias tape as a casing. I use elastic so I can wash mine, but I've seen pople use twill tape or twine to get a really good, tight fit. Much easier.

Yours looks super cute though! And once your lil'un gets about 8 months there will be nothing stopping him from exploring EVERYTHING on the floor for hours. Plenty of free time between nursings. :-D


You just might inspire me! My own cover needs replacing. Vomitous is a good word for it.

Of course, one of my art ed professors offered some interesting advice way beck when: she said that she never took the old covers off, so her board had several layers on it. When she was ironing a blouse, the buttons didn't leave an impression in the fabric of the blouse because the board had cushion to it. I imagine that this works well if you iron a lot of clothes, but I wonder if it would make for nice crisp seams? I haven't tried it, and I almost never iron clothing that I'm not in the process of sewing!


it is cute! i REALLY need to taking my sewing machine out. it's been collecting dust!


Oh, and I tagged you for a meme, if you'd care to play. http://www.runawayoctober.com/2008/07/im-it/



Eeeeek! I adore your new IBC, Juliette! Gotta love those dots! :)

Anne Carpenter

(some days I just look towards things with a blank stare) --I can easily identify with your statement!

I love the IBC you made--great fabric choice.


thanks for the inspiration...saw this and did mine. it was disgustingly ugly, and now it's transformed. (i do like your fabric better!)

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