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July 18, 2008


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I have been wanting to make that too since reading Kate's post - now I am doubly inspired!

Cicada Studio

I want to eat this. Now. I don't bake, but just your description is convincing me otherwise. Wow, that looks delicious.


Isn't it great? I have made 4 loaves this week!


oh I am a sucker for a good bread recipe.


I loooove bread, I shouldn't, but I do. This looks so good.

Also, I nominated you for an award. You don't have to participate, but I just wanted to let you know.


hehee, i love this recipe. i made it a few months ago and it's become a staple in the house! it's great!

Lil' d

I might have to ask my mum for her bread recipe. I used to love the rolls fresh out of the oven. Making bread always seemed a tad beyond my culinary skills, but my mouth is watering at the thought of some home made bread...


that looks sooo good! i have sent the NY link to many friends over the past year - and still haven't made the bread myself. everyone says its great - i need to try it. thanks for the inspiration!


miam...it looks so good! I could write that I will make it but I know that I won't because I'm scared of making bread! Maybe I should consult...I need help, I'm insecure with making bread ;)


I was totally inspired by your post and made the bread yesterday. The result is great but I admit I nearly gave up after the long fermentation: my dough was too moist and sticky and shapeless... did I do something wrong?...


Thanks for the link! I am going to make this tonight!


This bread looks fabulous! I love bread but always have trouble getting it to rise correctly. So I generally cheat and buy bread instead of making it.


love good bread...thanks for the link. I've already printed that recipe out!

elizabeth of course

Oh my, That looks delish!

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