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February 08, 2008


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Hi, thank you so much for the pattern, can't wait to start! The basket looks wonderful!


What a darling basket. This might inspire me to learn to crochet!


I've been wanting to make a crocheted basket for some time now. Thanks for figuring it out (and putting it in words) for me! :D


thank-you for this wonderful pattern! Also, thank-you for taking the time to put it together to share with us!


The basket is super cute! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern!


this pattern is adorable! do you know what brand of yarn the heavier cotton was?


ohhhh thanx for the pattern I have been itching to get my hands on it and it will be great for my current stash busting..... yay....
luv Abby

Jen b

man, i wish i knew how to crochet :(


Love your tutorial. there are going to be so many wonderful crocheted baskets out there!


Thanks for the great tutorial :)


Exactly what I wanted to make for our bathroom for the towels. Thank you!


Thanks for posting this. So cute!


I love the basket and would love the pattern for some reason I cannot get it to down load for me, can some one please help me!!!!!


The pdf file appears to be corrupted - could it please be uploaded again?


Working fine now, thank you so much


Thanks for the pattern. I make my own baskets and never really learned how. Maybe this will help with those wonky areas on some baskets that seem to....bulge out in one direction.


I am in the process of making the basket and absolutely think it is a great and easy project. It will be a wonderful gift for the baby shower this week. THANKS!


I made one of these this weekend. I used a G Hook which made it a good size for the clothespins I wanted to use it for. It turned out really well. :)


That is such a cute basket! I can't wait to make one :D Thanks for sharing the pattern!!


Thanks for the pattern! I made a shorter version and it is now a home for my camera, cell phone, and other small things when I'm home. Really easy! Although I might recommend a smaller hook than I used or a sturdier yarn than ww just to help it stand up a little more. Definitely works and looks nice as is, though!

ice yarn

very good things.How many are they, eg, with the number swelling.Do you have hanging case.good work :)


I like it alot it is cute and I use it alot in real every day life!


I really really love this, but has anyone made a picnic basket like this??

Doris A.

What a wonderful pattern! Thank you so much for your generosity in sharing it with us. of course, looking at this beautiful little "organizer" or "gift basket" I now wonder if a square or rectangular one could be made to look just as lovely? I am not a designer, just a dreamer (and a crocheter of course!). Thanks again, bless your heart!
Doris A. Linzy

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Thanks for the pattern. It's exactly what I was looking for!!!

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Susan Miller

I just love the basket and wonder whether it would work in a larger size. What do you think? And any other basket patterns out there???



Belle Styler

I love the concept! It's simple and cute. The color can match almost every design and color that I can think of. The accents of the basket are also refreshing to the eyes.

חדרי תינוקות

The basket is awesome!! I am in search for such an cute basket, it's pattern is good for the beginners and very encouraging. I would love to have a check on it. Thanks for such a cute and lovable blog:)

Leonard & Georgia Hamilton

Very special ideas. I need a kitchen cover set. Do you have ideas for that?


I just wanted to say thank you because your blog is one of the things that has inspired me to start my own blog here in Jordan. I think your patterns are amazing. Please take a look at my blog and tell me what you think :)

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