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January 01, 2008


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That is such a cute little set. What a lucky baby yours will be. I remember crying my eyes out whilst pregnant and watching A Baby Story on cable. Really there is nothing to be done but to go with it, because after all having a baby is the most amazing and wonderful thing you'll ever know. Happy New Year, I hope it is going to be a great one for you ;)


that fabric is so sweet...you really scored there :) i'm at 33 weeks and am in that panic mode...haven't made anything for the new babe yet either...eeeps...but you've given me a grand idea ;) thanks!! and Happy New Year!!


Sew cute!

I'm only at 23 weeks with my second. I made a lot of stuff for my first. Some of it was made after we had the babe; you know, after I learned what a baby really needs. You are correct, a square swaddle works best. And the bigger, the better! We swaddled version 2.0 until he was 9 months old in a blanket I made him with an interlocking knit. I made it as large a square as possible.

Good luck. Make more. Babes have blow outs. And the reflux-y ones spit up a lot.


What a sweet print to use for a baby.
I bought the very same amount of that same fabric just before the holidays as well. I was thinking of pj bottoms for me but our 5 year old son has been asking for pjs for himself out of it. Not sure quite yet who is going to win out on that one. He's a PJ fanatic and everyone knows it so, after receiving four new sets between Christmas and his early-December birthday, I'd bet he has enough to get himself through a week and a half, maybe two weeks, without wearing the same pair twice.


Oh, and I used A LOT of those waterproof flannelized squares (rectangles, sometimes) to use under their bottoms when changing diapers. I seem to remember that they weren't all that easy to find but JoAnn's usually carries it in white on a roll and sells it by the yard which you can then cut into the sizes that you need. We still use big pieces of it under the sheet on our sons' bed to keep any accidents from soaking through. So much nicer than a crinkly plastic-y cover.


what a lovely idea! and I love that owl print - I wouldn't have been able to resist it either :)


cute cute cute. I saw that fabric at Joanns the other day but passed on it because it wasn't on sale (apparently I missed the $2 flannel sale everyone's been blogging about!

Thanks for the great idea with this! I have a few friends that are expecting and these look like the perfect combo gifts to make!

Love your blog...found it through whip-up


oh yes, bigger is certainly better! My baby outgrew his swaddling blankets the 2nd week, so we had to improvise for a bit. Luckily I had made one fairly large baby blanket for him, and so had my grandmother, so those lasted as long as he was willing to be snuggled :). Thanks for this; I think I'll be having some fun with flannel here for a bit!


I fell in love with the same fabric. I bought it to make my little one some PJ pants. I love giving homemade flannel blankets to new bebes.

Love the star stitch you have going on!


These baby cuddly cues are awesome. You are so crafty.


That print is gorgeous and so is your little package. I've got a 3 month old and like the other Mum's who commented the bigger and squarer the wrap the better. Where did you find the flannel?


I'm 38 weeks pregnant & my mother made myself & 2.9 old son pj pants for Christmas out of the same material. I LIVE in those pants! Maternity pants just aren't cutting it anymore.

Our store also had some fleece with similar owls on a blue background. I grabbed some of that to throw over the new one in the car.

Jen b

i think that is the cutest fabric i have ever seen. love it all.


These are the cutest things! I'm 36 weeks pregnant and in slow motion somehow with my sewing for the baby - you got me inspired to finish my work :)! I love that print!


Congratulations on the new baby....Lucky baby has very talented mommy...So glad I found your blog......


And what are the approx dimensions of the blanket? 42" x 42"? Great tute - thanks!


Amazing find on that fabric!


That fabric is sooo cute! So glad I found your blog!


Mary Glynn

I cannot believe I have not seen this awesome site before! I LOVE IT!!! Will def be back to see it!

Tara @ Feels like home

I've had this post bookmarked for a while now, but I'm finally getting around to linking it up for my readers. Thanks for a great post!

Chelsea the Yarngeek

Absolutely awesome! My co-worker is pregnant and due in April, so I have plenty of time to make a set.

These would be great to have on hand to give as last-minute gifts. I think I may have to make several different sets with just that purpose...


I love this and the fabric is so cute! I think I'm going to go tomorrow and see if my Joann's has it. I have been looking for a flannel to make a duvet cover for my son's new toddler bed. I hope, I hope I hope!


I'm new to sewing and absolutely LOVE this idea. Could I get more detailed directions, please? Thanks!


This is adorable! I was wondering what the finished dimensions of the swaddling blanket are? I hope you are enjoying your bundle of joy!

Betty Rash

iam trying to get the pattern for the swaddle blanket and i cant please help

Betty Rash

could you please post some of the picture of how it is done it would help me a little better is 2 piece of flanne kind of thick for a swaddle blanket

heritage patchwork

Lovely to make baby things...the colors are so soft and soothing and the thought itself makes it worthwhile.


Thanks for these instructions! I made these for my pregnant friend. You can see pics on my tumblr (sussycrafts.tumblr.com).

sondra russell

I would love a more in depth pattern/instructions for this project. I am just learning to sew and love the idea of making things for baby! I have had too much fun just looking since I got my machine :)

Rebecca LopezdeVictoria

Laughing my tush off reading your comments! Too Funny! You are very talented. Congrats on the new addtion to the family!


this is absolutely adorable and perfect!!! I have been scouring websites for free projects for my daughter's upcoming baby... I love to sew and this is my first opportunity to make personalized baby items.. my daughter is so picky and wanting some adorable baby items, these will be the bomb to make and make her sew excited, could not resist the pun!!! thank you is not good enough words to let you know how mubh I appreciate your sharing such gems, I can't wait to be creative...

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Leanne Russell

I'm the grandma and in 16 weeks will have my first granddaughter,eden elizabeth. My daughter wants to sew something fun for Eden and this will be perfect. thanks for sharing.


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Donyna Johnson

I love all your ideas I have a grandson scheduled to be here on may 6th and Im gonna whip this set out for him with a matching bib. Have twin neice & nephew due en of the year they will be gettin this set with matching bib also. Sometimes I just run outta Ideas thanks hun


I think I can make it and I'll give it to my sister who is pregnant. Btw, The owl print is cute. Thank you for your sewing tips.

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