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January 13, 2008


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Sheesh, what's taking you so long? ;)

My first was two and a half weeks early. I don't want to scare you, but you might want to double time the quilt and pack a bag. And he came fast! We new we were in labor at 11 pm, got to the hospital at 1 am and he was born at 3!

We had a natural childbirth. Hard, yes. But, truthfully, not that bad. I just kept telling myself as I got bigger and bigger that millions and millions of women throughout history have done this; I can too. Turns out, I was right.

I bet that the quilt will help though. It will be nice for you to have something hand made to ponder. Plus, you'll be able to focus on how hard you worked on that. Might make labor seem easy...


Well, I'm not quite as far as long as you (26 weeks) so maybe I'll have time to get this done! I have hopes to make a quick quilt before this baby comes.....

As far as delivery goes, this is our second... the first went so fast I didn't have time to think about anything (or get that massage they talk about in prenatal class LOL)! It may have helped that I had an epidural too, so I was definitely more relaxed.

Kirsten W.

Thank you for this idea! I am 26 weeks pregnant with my first and would love to make a quilt to bring along with me!


Wow, that's great! Juniper was almost 2 weeks early and the labor was long (36 hours, drug free), with little Juni popping out in the posterior position. I pushed for 1.5 hours, during which our midwife and her apprentice suggested that we grab something of Juniper's to help me focus on the end result. It really did help! I'm sure that this birthing quilt will help you in that sense as well! Good luck getting it finished!


That is going to be such a bright and cheerful quilt! You know those American Jane fabrics are some of my favorites! I love that the blocks are ideal for being made with charm packs, very clever. Very nice multi-page PDF :)


This would have been wonderful to have when my daughter was born. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern. Best wishes to you!


what a great idea! (why oh why didn't you tell me sooner ;) teehee)

you are so wonderful to always post patterns for your beautiful projects! Thank you!


Wow, good for you! I remember the last month or so as being the longest and most boring part of my pregnancy. This will be a perfect project to keep you occupied with a lovely gift to you both in the end.
Delivery was also long (15hrs) and mostly boring -- isn't it amazing that we are all so different?!


what a wonderful idea, you are amazing. I was looking at the photo, trying to determine how you made the blocks- then I downloaded the instructions and was very surprised to see how easy they were! not at all as complicated as I had worked out in my head. when I saw the part that said "cut the nine square in four"--- I said "Oh!" loudly- my kids were looking at me to see why I was talking to the computer... :) thanks!


were you able to complete it in time? do you have a photo? i love the colors of the blocks.
i was in a similar situation... i was knitting a blanket before i became pregnant. i just finished it about a month ago..........
i was just glad i finished it before my babe turned one!!! :()

Pamela G. Robillard

I would have loved to have mdke a birthing quilt for my daughter. However, when trying to download the pattern .pdf file it said the file was damaged and cannot be repaired. Thought you would want to know.

Lisa Holt

I love it. I can't wait to make one! I'm 11 weeks along right now and I can totally see myself enjoying this in the delivery room, as well as in the nursery and for years to come in the kid room, guest room, on the couch, etc... Totally making one. THANKS for the pattern, too. I'll need the guidance - I've only made one quilt before and it was messy. :) ~Lisa


Great pattern. I am not in the situation of most of you. I am a grandma of 3 and an experienced quilter, but I LOVE easy patterns that look complicated when done. A friend TOLD me this pattern at a quilting retreat and I made it up the same day. Only I cut 6" strips all across 4 fabrics, making my focus fabric the one that was left largest. It looks really nice. Can't wait to get this "Texas Quilt" machine quilted for my nephew. Thanks again. Very clever!!! Cathy

Shirley Greer

I have tried a zillion times to download the "making a birthing" quilt pdf. What am I doing wrong? I have been successful at downloading the bib pattern, the burp pads info, etc. Please help me!!!


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When I was pregnant I has the same feelings about that, so be patient.

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Thanks for that great idea!! You are excellent, this could be very useful for women to have when their child is born. This is such a bright and cheerful quilt that every women can love to have it. once again thanks for your quilt:)


I found this when I was about 3 mos pregnant with my second daughter. My MIL and I went to the fabric store and I got a couple of fat quarter sets. I am a total beginner- have never sewn anything except in junior high and have certainly never quilted. This wonderful pattern made me think that maybe even I could quilt! (my MIL is a quilter). I finished before baby came and ended up giving this quilt to my MIL as a gift for all of her help b4 baby came. Do you have any other quilt patterns like this one? I love the informal look of it! It turned out beautifully. Thank you so much!
Beginning and now addicted

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