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January 09, 2008


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adorable, Juliette! perfect choice of fabric! The photos look great - I love that you used the abacus as a prop!


thanks so much for posting this.

I had been wanting to make bibs from bend the rules sewing but was too lazy to copy and enlarge the pattern. This came at the perfect time!


Thanks for you comment, note that this bib is a bit smaller than the bend the rules sewing bib. The neck hole is about the same size however.
I know what you mean about sizing up a book pattern... I hate it too. that's why the bib is in two pieces, so that it's ready to use hot of the printer!


Thanks for the pattern! I have just recently found your blog and have been enjoying it!


Perfect timing - thank you! I'm 36 weeks pregnant with Baby #2 and just discovered that the bibs are among the items that didn't last well through Baby #1. I know what I'll be working on this week...

I have also just recently discovered your blog and enjoy it very much. I hope you're able to continue with the patterns - I know I'll put them to good use!


I love this bib pattern, and appreciate you sharing it! As a matter of fact, I know several babies who are on the way, this is perfect! Thank you!
I also love your blog and wish you much happiness and joy with your little fellow. It shouldn't be too much longer? Best wishes!


i liked your flannel blanket/changing pad/burpcloth blog from january 1st, but we don't have a joann's anymore and i couldn't find any ultra cute flannel at hobby lobby, so when i saw the bib pattern i ran out and bought some fabric and made one. i have a few baby gifts that need to get out soon, and this was quick and easy. also, i have never tried any kind of "decorative" stitching, but i was inspired from your jan 1st blog and gave it a shot. i've posted pictures on my blog :) thanks for all the great ideas!!!


This is great! Thanks for sharing the pattern.


So sweet! Thank you for sharing. I have a shower for a friend coming up in two weeks and these are perfect. Best wishes to you as you await your babe!


Beautiful bib - thank you!


I love the smile for sardines slogan. So cute.


I've just made some of these bib's and they turned out awesomely!!

Thanks for posting such a helpful tutorial/pattern.


Thanks for such a cute pattern. My sister had a baby yesterday and I have all this old retro fabric I want to make her bibs with. I need to get going! I also have a friend who has created really cute iron on applique's from her original water colors that I want to put on the bibs as well. I will send a pic when I get them done. Check out the appliques at www.monkeyroos.com.


i found some of the cutest appliques on monkeyroos.com too......they're awesome.


Wonderful! My wee one is just about to start solids so I will whip some of these up. Thanks so much for the pattern!


thanks for share!

Patricia M

Thank you for the pattern!

holly o

I just made some of these for our friends that are expecting twins! You can see them on my blog: hollyanderic.blogspot.com

Thanks so much for the pattern!


Love the little bib. I like the wider part that goes around the neck. Thanks.


I made four of your bibs for my great-nephew and posted them today. Thanks for the pattern. Congrats on your baby boy too!


Thank you so very much for the bib pattern. I've turned out a dozen in the last week for the gozillion babies that my friends have just brought, or are about to bring, into the world. I'm putting some pics up on my blog.

Great blog!


Hey there! I loved your pattern. My two came out great. Thanks for sharing.

Nathalie Brault

I just found your blog and I think it looks great. I don't have a baby but I do enjoy any type of pattern, you never know as my grown ups are from 16 to 25 Who knows? Maybe I'll be sewing some soon. I've been coming back often . Just love it. Good luck..

Sam Qureshi

This pattern is so great. I have made four of them and everyone who has seen them loves them too. Thank you so much for the pattern. It is easy, quick, uses little fabric, and is adorable! Thanks again.


Love the pattern. I just reduced the size to make bibs for our new foster baby. He's a preemie & bibs are impossible to find to fit him. He's got some issues with the milk oozing out & I need a bib that fits. Thank you again!!


Thank you so much for the pattern for the bib I will send pictures when I finish them. thank you once again


Love it! I am going to make some right now!


Never mind i got a good pattern Thanks anyway >>>>>

Ivory Spring

Hi Teri,

I just stumbled across your website. I am so happy to find this bib pattern - thanks bunches for the tutorial.

Cynthia Michener

hi. i found your bib pattern from google and i immediately fell in love with your blog! thanks for sharing your pattern. I have made some for my brand new nephew and my best friend's baby that is due in January. I love your bib pattern.. very easy and simple! I will post pictures of the bibs later in my blog. www.cynabby.blogspot.com. thanks thanks!

Cynthia Michener

Hi. I want to let you know that I have used your bib patterns to make some for my nephew and my friends's babies. I must say that I really LOVE your pattern so much. thanks so much for sharing! I just posted mine in my blog and give you credit for it. www.cynabby.blogspot.com.

thanks! :o)

Lee Ann

I have made many bibs for my self and family and friends. One of my friends sugested I sell the bibs and a Christmas craft show. I was wondering if I would be able to do this if I don't sell the pattern? I didn't see on the post anything about not selling them so I thought I would ask. Please email me as soon as possible. Thanks

Lee Ann

katin from springpad

Just wanted to let you know... I loved this project so much that we featured it in a demo of our product, springpad.

Check it out: http://springpartners.com/2009/01/use-the-springpad-clipper-to-grab-ideas-from-around-the-web/

Anne Marie

Thanks for the pattern- can't wait to try it out

Gramma K

I just stumbled onto your site!
WOW I am impressed!
I got rid of all my baby patterns years ago, now that I am going to be a Gramma I need them..and..VIOLA! here you are....with so many wonderful patterns!!!

Gramma K


Thank you so much. I was looking for a bib to make for my little grandson. Bless you!


Hi! Thank you for a wonderful and easy tutorial! I've linked to your site via my blog. You'll probably have a few visitors as I'm currently doing a handmade bib/blanket drive for a local orphanage.....your tutorial is going to come in handy!

Lenna Green

Thanks for sharing this pattern. Much appreciated.


Thanks for this pattern - it was nice and simple to follow, and I quickly sewed a bib for a friend's baby after work one evening. I'm attaching a link to the picture of it. http://knittingfairy.wordpress.com/

baby gifts

I'm attending a baby shower in three weeks. I'll use the pattern that you shared to make a gift. My best friend will definitely like it. Thanks much!


hi, there! thanks so much for providing this great bib pattern for free. You inspired me to make my friend's daughter bibs and burp cloths for a shower gift and I posted about it this morning, if you'd like to see a picture.
thanks again!


Juju, not at all, you are welcome to use the pictures and thanks!


My d-i-l is expecting her second baby in 12 months so this is a must have, good bib pattern. I made heaps of baby things last year for our 1st granddaughter born in Sept 2008. She is now expecting another bub in October 2009. THANKS FOR THE PATTERN


Thank you so mush!! I just made 3 for a gift! Came out too cute & super easy to make!! I put a picture on my blog & a link to you!
Thank you again


Thanks for the pattern! I am working on a baby quilt and this would be great to go along with.


I made a whole set of these for our next little boy! They turned out adorable! I took photos here:


Thank you for sharing your pattern with us!




I have made over 30 bibs to donate using your pattern and I have more in in the works! I gave you a shout-out on my blog! Thank you so much! http://mamasamess.blogspot.com/2009/07/barium-springs.html


Thanks for the bib pattern, I've made several and have about 15 cut out ready to go. Thanks again, I love them!


I would like to send you pictures of some that I've made, where do I send them to?


Thanks so much for this great pattern. I made two for an upcoming baby shower. And blogged about them here if you want to see: http://lieslmade.wordpress.com/2009/08/17/snakes-and-snails-and-puppy-dog-tails/



Hi - I used this pattern to make bibs for a friend of mine who is having twins... Thanks for the pattern - they really turned out cute!


Hi there

I hope you don't mind that I've added a link to this pattern on my blog. I really love this tutorial, and can't wait to have a go at making it!

Thanks! Verity

Erin K

I know I'm over a year late on the bus but I just made this bib last night. TOO cute and easy peasy! Thanks so much!!



What a fun little pattern. I added interfacing to mind since I used different fabrics for the front and back.



Thanks for the great pattern! I needed a last minute shower gift, and found this post via google. Quick and easy...perfect!


Thanks for sharing! Lovely!

ed hardy

Agree. It's a good article that I can apply this for my routine. I loved it, so usefully. Thanks :)


Thanks so much, I did three of these (slightly modified) today. Here's my link:

cathy ayers

love to have new bib ideas. lots of babies on the way all over town. thank you.


Hi! I love your blog! I found your pattern for infant bibs and made some for a shower I went to yesterday. I thought you might like to see how they turned out. Thanks for all of the great tutorials!



Thanks for sharing! I love that you can make it from a fat quarter since the nearest fabric store is an hour away but I can pick up cute fat quarters at the local wally for a short notice shower gift.


Thanks for the pattern! It's lovely! I made two of them and have some pictures in my blog :)

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Thank you so very much for the bib pattern. I've turned out a dozen in the last week for the gozillion babies that my friends have just brought, or are about to bring

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Thank you so very much for the bib pattern. I've turned out a dozen in the last week for the gozillion babies that my friends have just brought, or are about to bring


I love this pattern, I've made tons of them for my daughter and to give away to friends! They are perfect for babies and quick & easy to make :)


Thanks for putting up this pattern! I made one for my nephew's first birthday. I linked back to you here.

Robyn McGee

Thank-you for sharing this darling, simple pattern. It is exactly what I was looking for!

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Sarah Scott

I am using your pattern to make bibs for charity. I lengthened the pattern by a couple of inches for more coverage. I love this pattern so much, and it's such a breeze to whip up, I want to make a ton for my own baby now! Thanks for sharing it!

Here are pix of my work:

Jennifer Kensinger

You must have discontinued the basic bib pattern. Embroidery Garden recommended this basic bib pattern. If you still have it, could you e-mail it to me?

Many thanks,


Just wondering?? Is there anyway that I could get a copy of your pixie elf pattern posted some time ago, but later, not available.
If your pattern is not available, would you have a suggestion of where to find a similar pattern?




I think the bib's size is perfect, it is so lovely.

Account Deleted

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jordan 6

He's a preemie & bibs are impossible to find to fit him. He's got some issues with the milk oozing out & I need a bib that fits. Thank you again!!


Thank you very much for sharing your pattern! I had fun sewing the bibs up for an upcoming baby shower.

You can see the bib photos here:


I am new here, new to sewing and going to be a new grandma in August...

How do I download this pattern?

Thank you!


Am going to give this a try. Have been searching for the right pattern all weekend.


I'm still learning to sew but would love to make this bib. It is the best looking bib pattern I've seen yet and it looks so simple. I do have one question though, does it include the 1/4" seem allowance on the pattern or do I have to add 1/4" to it? Thanks :D

Nancy Woods

Thanks so much for really cute bib pattern! I plan to make quite a few for my new grand-son who goes through them faster than you can blink an eye.

cross stitch kits

beautiful! thank you for the pattern ;-)


Just wanted to say thank you for the pattern!


Thank you for the super simple pattern! I really enjoyed making these for my new baby niece, alongside making a Keyka Lou ditty bag for her 4 year old sister.

Here's how the bibs turned out:

They're all conveniently backed with some thick burgundy fabric from a scraps box someone gave me through Freecycle.

צעצועי התפתחות

Hi!!This bib pattern,is nice.Design on the cloth looking great. It's very easy to make this. Thank..Q for sharing this wonderful bib pattern.

Alice Carroll

please send me the bib pattern, thanks so much

Mama of 3 Boys

Years later...Love this pattern! I just found it and have already made about five bibs :)


would love to make this bib

תאורת לד

It's really great chickpea infant bib pattern. Thanks for sharing such a nice and creative pattern.


Thanks for the pattern! I have just recently found your blog and have been enjoying it!
Thanks for post..
Thanks for post.


I love this pattern! I made bibs out of it! You can see them on my blog. And the reciever of the bibs is a very happy person thanks to you :)

Mana Amir

So cute! How do I get this pattern?

Maggie C

What a wonderful idea to make for a gift.


I love this pattern!!! Also, I adore the applique...did you make that or order it?? I'd like to add fun text appliques to one of mine. Any ideas/suggestions are much appreciated:) Keep Calm and Craft on

Becky M

awesome! Thanks for sharing this!

Connie Melton

Thanks for the pattern it seems baby making is in the water where I live. Thank God I am so past all that. An occasional McDonald's Happy Meal won't hurt plus your doing research for when your baby grows into a toddler.

Florence Bastidas

Just found your web site and would like to use your pattern for making bibs for infants in foster care. Is this ok with you. Thanks

Trisha Freitag

This pattern is great! I have a new grandson who can use these. I also sew for mamas in need and bibs are always in high demand. Thanks for sharing with us. It's much appreciated.


Thanks so much for the pattern! Exactely what I was looking for!
I'm pregnant as well and would kill to have a MacDonalds anywhere near... for those moments of weakness!
Have a wonderful day! ♥


Hi,nice pattern images in the blog thanks for sharing......


Thanks for the pattern. I made them a for baby shower and they were well received.

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