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October 01, 2009


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Jen Gough

Love all your knitting projects and yarn dyeing. Wondering if you could give me a review of how you really like the Knit Picks Zephris? They are on my birthday wish list and just wondering if I am really going to like them. Thanks and can't wait to see your finished hat.


Oh i'm glad to hear a review of the Zephirs. Are they slick like metal or a little more grabby like wood? I find my metal knit picks set to be too slick for some projects and the only bamboo circs I could find have terrible joins and i get very frustrated.

I love the color of the yarn you're using and thanks for the link to the pattern!


I made that hat recently and I couldn't be happier with it! I think yours will be lovely. By the way, I just finished making a bib from your pattern and it was both super easy and very cute. Thanks!


Oooo...I so need to do this!!


Oh boy! I've got 4 Hermione fans that would love that hat. Problem...I've never knitted cables before or used circular needles. I offically feel challenged!


Geez, I wish I knew how to knit (like I need another hobby!) :-) LOVELY hat, and I adore HP so you got me there!
For now, Crochet and sewing is my game :-)


I'm looking forward to see what your version looks like finished. It is a lovely hat!

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They are on my birthday wish list and just wondering if I am really going to like them.

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