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October 03, 2008


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thanks for the invite but I'm afraid my stash is insufficient in both size and number of scraps to yield much. But I shall follow with interest


Your quilt for Finn is beautiful and I'm very inspired to try one myself!
I'd love to participate in the scrap swap.


The quilt is just gorgeous and I'm inspired to try a similar style one for my little one. I don't have much of a stash, but would still love to participate in the swap.


I love the idea, but I think my stash is too small. :( I would definitely love to follow along though!


this sounds like so much fun!! Please count me in!


I'd like to join!


I would like to participate, and hope that I will understand everything and follow the rules properly as I am from Hungary. This will be my first swap, I am very excited! Please count me in. Thank you!

Jenna Z.

I would be interested! And I've posted this on the SwapDex to see if we can't get a few more parties interested.


Sounds like fun! I'd love to join in!


My favorite quilts are scrap. I would love to join in. Looking forward to the rules.


I'm in! I have oodles of scraps so this will motivate me to cut these up into 5" squares!


COunt me in too!


I would LOVE to participate in this! Tell me more.

Cicada studio

I love white based quilts. They are my favorite- seeing great fields of pristine white set off by pops of color (just like this one you show!). I don't have any scraps to swap or nor do I quilt, but I wanted to chime in to say that I love your idea.

Karen C

What country are you in, i am in Australia and am not sure what to do about the postage if i join if you are overseas.


I'd love to participate.


Well I've yet to add "quilt" to my sewing repetoire ... but I've wanted too!! And I have one cut, so that counts a tiny bit, yes? I'd love to join in (with a few more details, LOL), this may be just the inspirational motivation to get my first quilt done.

I love the one from the purlbee!!

Thanks, looking forward to hearing more.

Anna M.

What fun! I've got lots of scraps...do the ones I send in all have to be the same material, or can I send in a variety? Either way, please count me in! Thanks! =)


Count me in! I have a TON of scraps!


Sign me up!


I would love to join your swap. I look forward to hearing more.


i would love to join. i have been reading your blog for a while now but never commented. i just have to tell you that we use to live in holladay too. i have noticed you talking about whismy and elains. i miss them! there are no good quilt stores up north.


Dang! I'm a day late for this, huh? Any chance I can squeeze in? If not, I look forward to seeing what everyone makes!


I would love to participate. Please count me in.
thanks julie


I would love to join your swap! This sounds like a great winter project! Count me in!

Sue Guinn

I'd like to join in on your scrap swap. let me know the rules and other details. Thanks it sounds like alot of fun.


I would be very interested in a scrap swap. Let me know what your deadlines are and I'll confirm. Sounds life FUN!

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