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October 21, 2008


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Wow! You have a job ahead of you! Thanks for putting this all together. The fabrics look beautiful and I can't wait until I see all I get - and honestly I wouldn't mind getting my own fabric back as I didn't have any squares left over for me. It's a good thing your little baby isn't a toddler who could get into the baskets and have a glorious time arranging them for you!


Oh how exciting! I'm going to get my squares in the mail to you today! Thanks for doing all the work involved - it's going to be FUN!


Wow! I can't even imagine. You shouldn't worry too much about what styles of fabrics or if one of the squares comes back to the sender. It's just for fun, so even if I get something back that I wouldn't have chosen, it'll be fun to see what I can do with it. Thanks so much for all the work!


Unbelievable! My mailman would have ditched me by now. :) Thanks for organizing all the craziness. Can't wait to see all the amazing quilts to come!


I will have mine in the mail to you by Friday at the latest...

here's a suggestion: throw everything into a giant pile and AT RANDOM pick out the number you are sending back to each person.

I think it'll be much more fun to see the true randomness of what we get back and then to see what we come up with!!!


Soo exciting! Can't wait to get mine squares and get started!!


I bet it's a job and a half!! It will be fun though!


I hope you have fun with this, I know I am really looking forward to it. My package went out in the mail to you Saturday. Thanks for organizing this swap!

apple cyder

It really does seem like a huge undertaking once you have a look at that first photo. You shouldn't worry too much about sending a square or two back to the original sender. After all, if the swapper did it right, he/she only sent things that he/she loves.

Thanks again for doing this.


ooh.. that's a lot of work. Thank you for handling it all :)
It's going to be so much fun to see all the quilts.


Oh, I've got to get my fabric to you!!! The squares are cut but I just have to package them. Thanks for you hard work!
I think I'll get to it right now!


Huge job, but what fun!


Please don't fret on every return group of squares - you will drive yourself crazy - the whole point of this is to get a variety - I for one would love to get something out of my typical range which is represented by what I am sending you. This is an adventure.

Cheryl in CT


Thanks for doing this swap! Don't worry too much about sending back a square or two... I can't imagine what fun you must be having (?) seeing all the different fabrics! I can't wait to see which ones I get back. I need a quick little project.

Melissa Antolovic

well I see my squares arrived - I to am happy to receive any assortment.

There looks like there are a lot of parcels to sort through!


Wow, you really have your work cut out! Thanks so much for doing this. I would take any combination of fabrics that you would like to send! I think that the best part of a challenge like this is to make something from a fabric you might not have ever thought of using!

Enjoy sifting through all the fabrics!


Wow! What a job you have ahead of you! I wouldn't worry too much about what squares you send out - the variety will be lovely and it would be great to get something you may not ordinarily pick yourself - but which is gorgeous nonetheless!!! Thanks for organising this!

Carol E.

I agree with the advisors who tell you to save your hair and send fabrics back at random. We'll be happy with anything, including something we originally sent. (I put mine in the mail yesterday.)


Oh, that looks like hard work! I hope mine turns up next week sometime and that you have some left for me then...

Valerie Kuan

Thanks for the hard work of sorting and all. I can't wait to receive my package!!


I'm so sorry! But I know that everyone appreciates all you're doing! And if you have to push the date, hey, I wouldn't mind! Thanks!


I will be happy with any squares that you send back(even my own). I am not expecting squares that are similar. I would love some that are out of my normal. Thanks for hosting this swap.

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